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Chi Gong

Chi-Gong is a system of energy exercise from China that has multiple health benefits - preventive health care and also for healing.  A simple discipline that enables you to cultivate Vital Energy. A complete risk-free Mind-Body exercise that has gentle movements and leaves you energized. Enhances the natural healing.​

Kids Kung Fu


Building confidence in students through our program is as important as learning Kung Fu routines. This goal is achieved through an incremental belt system, from ground-up basic training to sophisticated routines.

Dee Cheng Kung Fu teaches the ethic of hard work. “Never give up” is our slogan. Give each student as much individual attention as possible and provide an encouraging learning environment for every child to excel.

Dee Cheng Kung Fu program teaches not only strength-building and sophisticated Kung Fu routines, but also self defense techniques. Students are taught to not use the techniques outside of class unless it is self-defense.

Respect and humbleness are part of Dee Cheng Kung Fu teachings.  Students are taught to respect parents, peers, and authorities. Traditional rules, cultural practices, and observances will be followed.


​Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Class

Tai Chi Sword Class

Adults Tai Chi

A noncompetitive, self-paced system of gentle physical exercise and stretching. ​Has been advocated as a way to manage pain, maximize function, and improve quality of life.

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