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​Master Deema Chen, Black Belt

** Third generation Stylist, Wu-Dang Style Kung Fu  ** Nine years of Special Kung Fu Training in the Professional  Wushu Institute, Shaanxi province, China.
** Certified National Kung Fu First Class Referee of China. ** Awarded second place in National Woman’s Sword Form and fourth place in National Woman’s Staff Form, 1974. ** Started Tai Chi studies under Master Xu Yu-Ru who was the National Champion of Tai Chi Chuan in 1958.
** Studies at Beijing Institute included Tai Chi Sword, Tai Chi Chuan 48, and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan from the famous Tai Chi Chuan Master Gung Guei-Xian.
** Recipient of an Award for Tai Chi Excellence, 1984. ** Graduate of Beijing Institute of Physical Education, 1985.
** Five years teaching experience at Xian University of Technology. ** Nominated for 1995 Woman Artist Award, Lincoln, Nebraska.
** Judge at 2012 International Kung Fu Tournament, Chicago, IL

​Sifu Dorian Shimabukuro-King, Black Belt

Three Gold medals in Shaolin Long form, Drunken Sword, Spear v.s Broad Sword, 2016 International Kungfu Tournament, Chicago, IL.

Sifu Logan Benedict​

Two Gold medals  in Wushu Form, Sanda, 2015 International Kungfu Tournament, Chicago, IL.
Champion, Featherweight, 2021 MMA/CFX Tournament, Willmar, MN, August 28, 2021.
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